A great regatta for the Embarr team, we congratulate them on a true World Champion Performance, they truly deserve it! We welcome them into the elusive club.

The EFG Sailing Team had a good day today, but our closest competitors had a better day and we fell one place in the rankings. Today’s conditions were difficult and our tactician Pade Zaugg did an exceptional job getting us going the right direction.

Overall we fought hard this regatta but came up short. Although this is disappointing for our team, we all feel that we didn’t leave any stones unturned.  Our boat was very well prepared, we had amazing shore support and we had the great housing with a solid sparring partner.

We need to thank a lot of people just for making it to the starting line. EFG International has been a huge support of our team for five years and we thank them for a wonderful partnership. Without our sponsor of the series, Gebrüder Weiss, we would not have been able to to get our boat to Miami, thank you! This season we also have to thank Magic Marine , Quantum Sails, Hutchinson Sports and Raptor Deck. Thank you all for supporting our team this year. Last but not least, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our team members. Sails would not go up or down, or be trimmed correctly. So thank you to Udo, Matteo, and Pade for sailing with us!

The Gamache Family also gets a big “thank you” for being our shore support team for the week. They did everything from motor boat driving to babysitting. Thank you also to our sparring partners Zingara for the great food and laughs in the evening.

It has been a challenging World Championship and we are looking forward to new sailing adventures.