Hiking is the one thing in the sailing world that is both silly and painful. Hanging yourself over a pad and calling it fun makes you wonder how sane we really are. But, hey, we love sailing and going as fast as possible. If hiking gets you two tenths more speed, than we are doing it.  Today we had another 3 races in easterly breezes and the name of the game was hiking up the course and hiking down the course. That is a lot of hiking!

The clear winner of the day was Altea ITA, who had a rough beginning to their regatta, but now are back to their normal form. They were a rocket ship downwind!

We had a average day on the score board, scoring a 2, 6, 7. We have not sailed in the wavy/windy conditions in a long time so we were lacking some downwind speed. By the end of the day Nikolai and Chris found our footing and were able to gain back a few points. Our starts were very good today, first row and we were able to extend on the pack of boats around us. Tactics in the easterlies are a little difficult considering that the wind and sun line up perfectly making it difficult to see some shifts. That said, Pade is doing a great job in this department.

Tomorrow we have a little later start and hopefully get 2 of the last 3 races completed. Looks like a different game tomorrow with slightly less wind. Our plan is to keep it simple and look for opportunities to gain points on our nearest competitors.

Tonight we go to bed in 1st place knowing we have a lot of work ahead of us to stay in that position.

We would like to take this moment and thank our sponsors. We are very proud to represent EFG in the sailing community. Our clothing sponsor, Magic Marine, has given us the best gear on the market. Quantum Sails is a integral part of the team, we have enjoyed working with them, further refining these great sails. Raptor Deck has provided us with happy feet and gear. No more replacing sails and equipment before it’s really needed. Last but not least Hutchinson Sport, they have provided us all the details that make the Melges 24 an easier, faster and safer  boat to sail. 

Photo Credit Pierrick Contin

Overall results
Photos By Pierrick Contin