The M32 Sailing Series format allows everyone the chance to become apart of the action.  The ‘Hot Seat’ is a very special experience for non sailors, as well as sailors. Yesterday, I got the chance to sail with the Section 16. The event organizers do a great job, making everyone feel welcome and prepared for what they are about to experience.  After the fleet completed their first race, the guests were dropped off at their assigned boat.  The teams on board welcomed the guest with open arms and explained where to sit and watch the action.

Even though it was very light wind the energy level was high.  The sailors are very competitive and want to win the regatta and especially the overall series.  The focus for Section 16 was to not give up! Since the wind was not stable, it was important to keep looking forward and stay in the pressure as long as possible.  Maneuvers are very slow in this boat so you have to limit tacking and gybing until it is absolutely necessary. Section 16 did a great job of finding the breeze and finished 2nd for the race.

All in all,  the ‘Hot Seat’ experience was amazing.  Just be ready to get wet if the breeze picks up!

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