Day 3 of the Melges 24 Worlds saw three races in light to medium conditions.  Our team placed a shocking 37, 2, 11. The first BAD race was failure to follow our own rules. Which rule do you think we broke? We did not complete a practice start before the actual race.

A practice start allows everyone on the team to judge the different conditions of the day.  We can see first hand how the wind direction and velocity changes, along with current and the velocitek.  In short, we misjudged the start and found out how difficult it is in the back of the fleet. It seems like within 2 minutes of the start the front of the pack extends a lot.

Our second race had an exciting beginning, having to weave through the starboard tack boat traffic on port. We were able to get out on port tack and head to the right side of the race course. A strong first downwind and a second upwind allowed us to round first on the second upwind mark. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep Embarr behind us and had to settle for second.

The last race of the day we started strong and rounded the first mark in 5th. A few mistakes cost us dearly and we had to settle for an 11th place.

Tomorrow the race commettee has posted a 1PM start and are planning on only running one race, leaving us to sail the remaining two races (of the 12 race series) on Saturday.

Photo Credit: Pierrick Contin

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