We are racing this weekend alongside the famous Genoa Boat show.  It is an exciting environment to be around. Yesterday’s wind direction allowed for the leeward marks to be set just off the break wall.

After the complimentary lunch, served by the Sailing Series staff, the sailors were able to sail 3 light air races. Section 16 scored a 1,2,3 and is now in 2nd place overall just behind the young Italian team, helmed by the recent olympian Vittorio Bissaro. The teams found that with the light air and choppy sea condition starts were very important. Section 16’s first reaching start was fantastic, getting off the line at full speed in-between the fleet and having the advantage around the course. The second and third start were not as on point but they fought hard on the first downwind leg to stay close to the front of the pack.

Udo Moser had an exciting moment when he almost was lost overboard. He was heading from the aft part of the boat to the forward windward hull as the boat went over some chop and he slipped! He managed to just get ahold of the forestay and lift himself back on the boat, proving that practicing your pull ups is important if you want to race M32’s!

Sailing Series Press Release