Sailboat racing can be a waiting game. We are at the mercy of of the wind gods and sometimes it doesn’t go our way and we sit around the race course all day and not get a race in. Sometimes you can blame it on the race commitee (usually a thankless job) for not calling for a earlier start time or a later start time. Then there are times the PRO and race commitee call it perfectly and today was one of those days. Anderson Reggio and his team called for a later start time with only race, he was patient and got in a great light to medium air race. So on that note, thank you race committee!!

The EFG Sailing Team had a great race. We had a clear start off the line and were able to tack over to port to head out to more pressure and a right shift. We rounded the top mark in 3rd, but were not able to hold off the pack of boats behind us and lost about 3 of them on the run. We went out right yet again and had a few gains. Once we got down to the finish we placed 7th. Unfortunately, our friends on Bombarda sailed fast and got a win for the race so our closest competition is getting further away on the scoreboard.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing and we have two more races to go!!



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